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It’s the last quarter for 2015.   Most organizations are hoping they have used the right business model this year. You may find that your organization is not unique to the challenges we’re hearing about in the pharmaceutical industry.

The pharmaceutical industry is at a crossroads: patents expiring, public policy and budgetary challenges, changes in how patients access medicine. These are just a few of the challenges to the industry.” In an interview with Forum, Christopher Bowe stated that the underlying challenge to all the others is the elusive search for the right business model. Exemplary Performance has research that suggests the search is not so elusive.

Most companies do not look at their own high performers first.

That’s why I will be hosting a webinar on Wednesday, November 4th, from 1 – 2 PM (EST) with Bill Lycett (who has spent decades deeply immersed in the business side of the healthcare industry). This webcast will present an approach that leverages the success you are already experiencing. You have seen the gap between your good performers and your star performers. Perhaps you’ve assumed that’s just the way it is. You hope to hire more stars and less average performers going forward, but that turns out to be a real challenge. Instead, this webinar will provide real case studies that demonstrate how you can close the gap between good and great sales performance.

Our approach drives results. Exemplary Performance provides an alternative approach to sales by: a) training with less time and more impact; B) keeping your tenured sales people performing at their peak; and c) validating your training with measurable results.

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