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As a leader you begin every day with options on how to improve the performance of your organization. You can’t just assume that “today will be better than yesterday” or “last year”. You work through different options: you can shift your strategy, enter new markets, invest in new products or acquire a competitor. You can also jump on another bandwagon – talent management, Six Sigma, lean manufacturing, advances in cost accounting, off-shoring various business operations and so forth. All of these alternatives are valid and can drive shareholder value. They also are initially costly to implement and consume significant management attention.

I want to suggest an additional option – a model for driving improved business results by replicating the accomplishments of your star performers. The advantage of this approach is that it is derived from the current performance of your star employee/performer. Therefore, you know it is possible within your current structure and culture. It also has the advantage of being cost-effective and quick.

This method is based on capturing the performance profile of your stars and then using this information to quickly enable significant improvement in the results produced by the remainder of your workforce. Who are those stars?

Stars are those teams and individuals who consistently produce the greatest RESULTS in support of the organization’s strategy and goals. These performers may not have the most talent [potential], but they translate the talent they do have into meaningful outcomes that drive business success.

As you approach the new year 2017, make note of those star performers in your organization. I’ll work with you through these blogs to capture their performance profile. Contact me with questions at:

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