Exemplary Performance: Driving Business Results by Benchmarking Your Star Performers


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Exemplary Performance: Driving Business Results by Benchmarking Your Star Performs – a book filled with proven theory and full of practical performance improvement examples! This book is very useful to both performance professionals and managers. To non-native speakers of English like me, a lot of cases and examples make it readable and understandable. The proven theory and process, especially the part of estimating the potential impact in Part One, will be enlightening to the professionals and practical examples based on studies. And the author’s practices in Part Two will be a valuable resource to managers. The six factors of EPS (Exemplary Performance System) are easy to remember and applicable to Asian managers. This model will always bring you system thinking in the workplace. We don’t have to rely on limited talents so much. We can improve the business results and people performance in a more down-to-earth style. That’s the key message to every manager around the globe from the authors, I think. – Hisato Shikano, Performance Consultant and Advocate, Japan

Paul Elliott and Al Folsom have created a great performance improvement resource that’s easy to read and apply to any organization! It combines their many years of hands-on experience in many types of organizations – including sales, manufacturing, military, for-profit, and non-profit – with solid research -based performance improvement tools that can readily be implemented at all levels of an organization. It combines much of the best material in the human performance technology (HPT) field into one resource. If you are looking for a single resource to help improve performance or to help identify where your performance could be improved, this is THE book to read. I really liked this being available for my Kindle so I have it available as a working reference. – Dale Currier

Ihave seen the transformative power of human performance improvement in the power industry where it has produced measurable results in areas such as safety performance. Executives, managers, and other leaders will benefit from this approach, enabling exemplary performance by replicating the results of their stars. — Carl English, vice-chairman (retired), American Electric Power
Uniquely captures profound ideas, frames them concisely, and explains how they work in the real world in a powerful way. If you want to link your business’s capability development to actual business outcome, this book might be all you need. A fantastic read. — Don Shoultz, head of learning and development, BP Upstream Learning
Amust-read for anyone accountable for producing and leading high-performing individuals or teams. — Jamie Torchiana, learning implementation leader, Sales Strategy, AstraZeneca