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Would you benefit if your team produced results like this?

Celesta and Lorenzo at ZYX, Inc.

Celesta, an internal performance consultant for ZYX, recently was a participant in our Strategic Partnering workshop. She shared a recent experience with us about her internal client, Lorenzo. Lorenzo wanted to discuss the training class on strategic planning that his direct reports attended this past fall. He felt there was a need for some follow-on training. Celesta, however, wanted to first ask a question of those who had attended the course. She simply asked them, “What have you been able to do more, better or differently as a result of that initial training?” Their response was, “Nothing!” They went on to say that there was no time to apply any of the skills learned. When Celesta shared this information, Lorenzo realized there was no evidence of a lack of skill within his team. He just hadn’t allocated time for them to use what they had learned. Given that feedback, Lorenzo took the following action: Time was scheduled so the team could DO strategic planning, instead of receiving more training. Exemplary Performance thrives on such feedback!!!

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Mathias and Eloisa at UVW

Mathias, an internal HR Partner at UVW, shared the following story with us. He received a request to provide additional product knowledge training for Account Executives. He knew that the AEs had already received some training (twice in fact), but Eloisa was convinced that it was inadequate to provide the required depth of product knowledge.

Mathias wisely asked his client what specifically the AEs would need to do more, better or differently to successfully sell this product line. When Eloisa laid out the steps, Mathias asked, “If your AEs had the required product knowledge, what other barriers might get in the way of them successfully selling this product?” Eloisa explained that the traditional decision-makers that the AEs deal with are not the decision-makers for this specific product. The decision-makers for this product actually turn out to be the business decision-makers (who were not always in alignment with the purchase decision). This became even more evident when Mathias asked, “Are there any ‘star performing AEs’ who are successful at selling this product and if so, what do they do differently?” The analysis showed that these top performers realized the decision-makers for purchasing this product were in another department. So the stars asked things like, “So who would make that decision?” and “Can you introduce me to him/her?” As a result of that conversation, Mathias helped the team to focus on asking powerful questions. The whole conversation changed from the need for yet another training course on product knowledge to providing the skills needed for strategically asking questions. The impact on UVW was significant; they were now leveraging the insights of the star performing AEs.

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