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Equip Your Team to Become Strategic Partners to the Business!

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In any organization, the HR and Learning Functions are chartered to define, align and implement people initiatives which benefit the business. However, people serving in these functions are often not equipped with the knowledge, skills and tools to perform this role successfully. As a result, the perceived value they add to their organization is diminished!

Performance Consulting & Strategic Partnering Workshops will better prepare your team members to work more strategically with their internal “customers” to ensure the initiatives they are executing are driving the business impact expected. These workshops are based on research, models and proven practices and techniques that have been successfully implemented in thousands of HR, Learning and OD Organizations. After completing the 2 day workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Define major accomplishments of a strategic partner and plan to work more strategically
  • Apply the technique of reframing client requests to shift the conversation from the solution requested to the desired results
  • Lay the interpersonal foundations for partnerships
  • Execute a personal action plan now

Al Folsom

Attend our complimentary webinar on Wednesday, March 25th @ 1 PM (EDT) to learn more about Performance Consulting & Strategic Partnering Workshops. Dr. Al Folsom will be presenting. Al frequently conducts these workshops around the world. His expertise is in the area of HPT and he is the co-author of Exemplary Performance: Driving Business Results by Benchmarking Your Star Performers.

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