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Driving Business Results

As a leader you begin every day with options on how to improve the performance of your organization. You can shift your strategy, enter new markets, invest in new products or acquire a competitor. You can also jump on another bandwagon – talent management, Six Sigma, lean manufacturing, advances in cost accounting, off-shoring various business operations and so forth. All of these alternatives are valid and can drive shareholder value. They also are initially costly to implement and consume significant management attention.

We want to provide you with an additional option – a model for driving improved business results by replicating the accomplishments of your star performers. The advantage of this approach is that it is derived from the current performance of those stars, so you know it is possible within your current structure and culture. It also has the advantage of being cost-effective and quick.

Imagine the response if you improved the performance of your department, division or company by 5, 10 or 20% with little or no additional resources. You know exactly how you would feel, but think about how your stakeholder and stockholders would respond.

Exemplary Performance’s unique approach looks at the star performers in your organization and helps you gain significant improvements by replicating their performance. You shift the performance curve to the right and enable your organization to produce exceptional results.

If you are interested in creating profiles of the stars within your company, please contact us at info@exemplaryperformance.com.

Shifting the Performance Curve – Applying the EP System Model

Once you have identified your stars and created a Profile of Exemplary Performance, we work with you to optimize the results of the whole team. Shifting the performance curve is all about driving results, enhancing revenue, and improving margins. Our model and methodology allows organizations, their leaders and teams to capture more value with existing resources. Exemplary Performance’s consulting model has ALWAYS been focused on this “secret” for improving performance – benchmarking your stars in order to optimize performance!

If you are interested in shifting the performance curve within your organization, please contact us at info@exemplaryperformance.com.

“High potentials” will take care of themselves. The great productivity “secret” is improving the performance of the 60% in the middle of the distribution.
Tom Peters, October 2013


Shifting the Performance Curve

Based on years of hands-on experience, we have identified six elements that consistently facilitate or hamper optimal performance.  These are represented by the six arrows in the Exemplary Performance System [EPS] seen below. The key to optimally shifting the curve is to architect solutions that integrate and align all six elements of the EPS.

These six support systems must be mutually reinforcing. As a leader, your job is to be an architect who integrates and aligns work systems in a way that enables all of your team to more closely replicate your star performers.  Another way of stating this is that the primary accomplishment for high-performing leaders is creating a powerful team of high performing direct reports.

Are your support systems mutually reinforcing?  Feel free to contact us at 410-266-8400.


Exemplary Performance System Model

Internal Benchmarking

Exemplary Performance has been able to increase value for our clients across a wide range of industries.  We are able to do this by utilizing a consistent approach: leveraging the performance of your current stars – what some have called ‘internal benchmarking.’  External benchmarking encounters challenges when it comes to implementing lessons learned in the sponsoring organization.  What may be a best practice in another business becomes impossible to implement in your own organization. Why?  Because the best practice that you observed was working in a different organizational culture.

EP’s approach is to leverage your own best performers.  Even in the midst of “sub-optimal work environments” or with less than ideal tools and resources, your star performers have figured out how to make things work.  Along the way, we identify those roadblocks to superior performance as well as the work-a-rounds.  The net result is both a short and longer-term plan for improving organizational performance.

Call us to discuss how you can leverage the resources you currently have!  410-266-8400

Where have we applied this approach?

We have successfully applied our approach in a variety of industries – high-tech, manufacturing, process industries, the federal government, healthcare, and others.