Case Study: Healthcare

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Business Pain

A healthcare company was concerned that their Technical Services Representatives (TSRs) were not being adequately trained.  TSRs in the field also were having trouble finding information as it was spread over several sites.  The firm wanted to eliminate their employees from being forced to “reinvent the wheel” rather than find existing information.

Business Request

The client wanted EP to conduct a series of interviews of a select group of both star and average TSR performers across their region to determine the challenges they face related to training and knowledge access.

Project Response

EP proposed to analyze two key areas of the performance system for the role of TSR: Skills/Knowledge and Information.  The process included both star and average performing TSRs and the interviews focused on a series of questions prepared by the EP project team, the firm, and the field employees.

Key Findings


  • Inconsistency in the quality of the instructors used during training.
  • Web-based training was not very interactive.
  • Training was too specific.


  • Way too many web sites where information could be found.
  • Multiple examples of storing information locally and of having to create it from scratch.
  • Lacked timely updates to information.

Knowledge Sharing:

  • No incentives existed for knowledge sharing.
  • Information was only shared locally, not regionally.


  • Designed all training courses as programs that included pre-course information, the course itself and post-course reinforcement/practice.
  • Incorporated Professional Trainers to deliver training courses.
  • Developed technical skill certifications and levels with training programs.
  • Streamlined the number of systems and designed better search and retrieve capabilities in the information systems.
  • Ensured integrated and consistent communications for all information systems, their purpose and their access.
  • Defined a skills/capabilities/experiences matrix that could be shared cross-country for better access to human resources and more effective knowledge sharing.
  • Designed an integrated new hire on-boarding program that included:
    • Aspects of the job
    • A video about a day in the life of a TSR
    • 3-month, 6-month, 1-year performance metrics


Direct results:

  • Employees reported that it was easier to find information and spent less time looking for it.
  • Managers reported that new employees were better equipped when they hit the field.
  • Firm initiated a company-wide audit.