Exemplary Performance System Model

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These six support systems must be mutually reinforcing. As a leader, your job is to be an architect who integrates and aligns work systems in a way that enables all of your team to more closely replicate your star performers. Another way of stating this is that the primary accomplishment for high-performing leaders is creating a powerful team of high performing direct reports.

We systematically ask some basic questions regarding the organization’s structure. You’d be surprised how many companies can not sufficiently answer them or implemented solutions to the potential problems these questions highlight. In fact, our experience shows that most organizations have not taken the time to intentionally design the requisite systems to enable exemplary performance. Instead, most organizations unintentionally create barriers that inhibit high performance. Exemplary Performance can help you tear down those barriers and enable individual performers to achieve greater business results for your organization. This process is at the heart of what we call shifting the performance curve.