EP President Attends Cyber “Jobs of the Future” Event at White House on June 6th

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Paul H. Elliott, Ph.D. discusses cyber job creation and security issues with Administration officials

Washington, D.C. – Exemplary Performance, LLC CEO Paul Elliott travels to the White House on Wednesday, where he’ll join Administration representatives and leaders from 20 private sector companies to discuss creating more “Jobs of the Future” in the cyber security field. Participants will also have the opportunity to share their thoughts with officials like Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Janet Napolitano —particularly their ideas on what the government can do spur creation of new cyber jobs.

Dr. Elliott also will focus on ways to increase the competence of the cyber security workforce and to shorten time to performance for new hires.  “Given the growing demand for expertise, we have to take new approaches to developing people to fill these critical jobs that provide fully capable people in 30% to 40% less time”.

According to President Barack Obama, the growing number of attacks on our nation’s cyber networks has become “one of the most serious economic and national security threats our nation faces.” To be adequately prepared, the U.S. needs to dramatically increase the number of people working in this crucial area. “The world is becoming increasingly competitive and some entities are not competing through honest innovation but through cyber theft of our intellectual property and business operations know how,” said Larry Clinton, President of the Internet Security Alliance. “Defense in the cyber world is not just a government responsibility but an enterprise and individual responsibility. Unless we find a way to spur the market to create a cyber secure workforce, we risk unilaterally disarming both our economy and our national defense.”

To meet this challenge, the Administration is funding new jobs in cutting-edge research, working to recruit top new talent in the cyber field, partnering with the private sector, and empowering the general public to create a safe, secure and resilient cyber environment that promotes awareness while respecting privacy rights and civil liberties – all key factors in building the digital workforce of the 21st century.

Throughout the event on Wednesday, participants from the business community will learn more about U.S. Government policies and upcoming projects related to cyber security from both Administration and cyber industry leaders. In addition to Secretary Napolitano, they’ll meet with ICANN Chief Security Officer Jeff Moss and SANS Institute Director Alan Paller, along with surrogates from DHS, ISA, the National Security Service (NSS), the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE), and the Small Business Administration (SBA).

“I expect this time to provide a significant exchange of ideas around protecting our cyber security infrastructure as the threats increase” said Dr. Elliott

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