Job Aids Workshop (JAWS)

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Exemplary Performance presents a two-day, inexpensive approach to improving performance on the job while cutting training time and costs.  This course is one of four in the Optimizing Human Performance Workshops of Dr. Joe Harless’ ABCD program.  Workshops can be tailored for your organization’s special requirements and ongoing coaching and support are available.

The focus of the two-day workshop is on the development of job aids.  Job aids are a storage place (other than memory) for information needed to perform a job and are used while actually doing the work.  Participants will:

  • Identify exactly when and where to use job aids to help employees perform better.
  • Determine precisely which type of job aid will produce the desired outcome in any situation.
  • Produce job aids that meet or exceed expectations that are cost-effective, and can be developed quickly while achieving the maximum impact on business goals.

This workshop enables participants not only to determine the types of job aid appropriate for a task but also how to develop, test and validate those job aids – ensuring success of on-the-job performance.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Collect data on the specific tasks
  • Determine where information should be stored (job aid or long term memory)
  • Determine whether training support is needed for a job aid
  • Select the appropriate format for a job aid
  • Develop and edit job aids
  • Practice using multiple job aid formats
  • Create job aids for a specific application
  • Test and revise job aids

This course is designed for decision makers in a learning organization, consultants implementing eLearning within an organization, Performance Consultants, Project Managers, Process Managers, Curriculum Developers and Training Specialists.