Training Design Workshop

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Exemplary Performance presents a four-day innovative approach to training design that produces exemplary job performance. This course is one of four in the Optimizing Human Performance Workshops of Dr. Joe Harless’ ABCD program. The focus of this extensive workshop is on designing training that addresses what employees need in order to perform their jobs; not unnecessary information that does not relate to the goal of the organization. Training is accomplishment-based (that is, it has a direct effect on what employees produce) and is tied to the achievement of an organization’s business goals.

At the end of this workshop, participants are prepared to:

  • Produce a detailed description of the tasks to be trained
  • Design curricula, courses, and modules
  • Determine course structure and pacing
  • Decide whether training should store information in memory or use job aids
  • Determine the level of evaluation and simulation
  • Identify learning problems which require special attention

This workshop is designed for Instructional Designers, Systems Learning Managers, Performance Consultants, Training Specialists and Training & Development persons who will design the interventions resulting from an FEA.

It is recommended that this workshop is scheduled after completion of the Front-End Analysis (FEA) Workshop.