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Your Strategic Business Partner

Organizations are becoming increasingly complex, and leaders are looking to Human Resources (HR), Learning and Organization Development (OD) functions to provide more sophisticated and comprehensive support. To respond to these escalating needs, some members of the team are assuming the role of Strategic Business Partner. Are you being asked to work in this role? As a leader of a function, do you aspire to have your team operate in a more strategic and business-like manner? EP’s Strategic Business Partnering Services include a comprehensive set of options, including skill-building performance consulting and strategic partnering workshops. Through these services, we will partner with you as you make the transition to a strategic partner approach.

If you are interested in building your HR, Learning, OD, Finance, IT or Purchasing and Supply Chain Management team to serve as strategic business partners, you’ll want to check out our Strategic Partnering and Performance Consulting workshop based on the research, models and practices of the Robinsons. EP is the exclusive provider of these workshops and services. The focus of this workshop is on building a shared mental model and then equipping the team to apply that model and have productive conversations with business leaders, both when initiating the discussion and being on the receiving end of a request. Participants in these workshops learn the proven method to align performance with business results and influence internal clients to take the actions that will benefit the business.

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