Improve Safety Performance Using Exemplary Human Performance System

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The choices people make affect the safety of employees, customers and the public. If utility employees choose to be safe and competent, they will accomplish their work with zero injuries and safety incidents. Achieving exemplary safety performance takes more than a goal or a well-formulated strategy with good implementation processes. It comes down to whether utility executives and their teams choose to perform their respective safety leadership responsibilities to predetermined performance standards. The most critical responsibilities and skill set involved to ensure safety are accurate safety reporting data and identifying which responsibilities are most important for each role involved.

Carl English and Exemplary Performance Principal Consultant, Doug Mead discuss how to utilize the Exemplary Human Performance System as an approach to improving safety in the workplace, and specifically within the utility industry.  Read the full article here.

Carl English is a board member for Utility Supply and Construction Co., and former vice chairman and chief operating officer for American Electric Power. Doug Mead is principal consultant with Exemplary Performance, a human performance improvement company based in Annapolis, Md. Mead brings more than 30 years of experience in the utility industry.

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