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“A Fresh Approach for the Manager Coach”

“If you put a good performer in a bad system, the system will win almost every time.” Geary Rummler

“A Fresh Approach for the Manager Coach” is a half-day high-impact workshop, where managers learn about a fresh approach for unleashing the potential and performance of their direct reports.  Managers are introduced to a powerful model for identifying the systemic barriers that inhibit their employee’s performance and tools for selecting low cost, high impact improvements that translate into measurable business results.  Managers also receive precise tools for coaching teams to higher levels of performance.

Every day represents missed opportunities for greater results simply because you can’t manage what you don’t see. Most managers do not have a clear vision of the work system in which their team operates.  This system either enables or inhibits successful job performance. Managers have a key responsibility to optimize that work system, ensuring that every team member becomes as successful as he or she envisioned on the day they were hired.

Topical Outline

Module 1: Coaching for Impact with the Organization

  • The organization: A systems view versus the traditional view
    • Activity – Assessing the organization across three tiers

Module 2: Coaching as a Front-line Manager

  • The impact on the bottom line
  • The true change agents
  • Coaching across the employee life cycle

Module 3: Exposing the Performance Paradigm

  • Where does performance occur – within a vacuum or within a system?
  • The Exemplary Performance System (EPS)
  • Linking exemplary performance to business goals
    • Activity—Applying the EPS to manager performance

Module 4: Applying the Systems Approach to Coaching

  • A model for driving performance
    • Simulation – Coaching performance

Module 5: Engaging Employees

  • Changing the conversation
  • The EPS troubleshooting tool

Module 6: Wrap Up

  • Call to action

Take Aways:

  • Three techniques to immediately improve individual and team performance.
  • A tool to identify low cost levers in the performance system to improve results while increasing buy-in and satisfaction for team members.
  • A model for assigning new work and managing projects to set-up success from day one.