Profiles of Exemplary Performance as the Foundation for Talent Management

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Think of your top sales performers; they’re not just a few points ahead but 2 and 3 times above the average!

Imagine if you could “clone” those top performers – what would that do to your scorecard?….. your revenue? ……..and market share?

Many of our clients are adopting a performance strategy for field sales roles by first, interviewing top performers, their direct reports and top managers of the role to understand the value stars are bringing, how they are bringing it and what their leading indicators of excellence look like….

This document is called a Profile of Exemplary Performance.  Before the Profile is finalized, it is validated “by the field, for the field”.

This final Profile is then used as a foundation for role clarity, hiring, coaching, commitments, CSPs, readiness.  It is integrated with core processes and practices relating to people and roles.  They build consistency in role execution and drive organizational strategy and change.

Profiles of Exemplary Performance also do the following:

Provide the needed foundation to shift performance standards and realize associated business results

Define world class execution at the role level for better hiring, coaching, commitments, readiness etc.

Lead to excellence in role by identifing actionable data:

  • Valued Outcome Areas
  • Key Actions
  • Observable measures of success

A Profile of Exemplary Performance ultimately affect scorecard metrics, WHI and retention.

What is the purpose of the Profile of Exemplary Performance? Role clarity; definition of excellence, foundation for coaching guidance, commitment setting, hiring targets, onboarding, day in the life execution, and targeted & relevant readiness.

Have you had experience with a Profile of Exemplary Performance?  Tell us about your experience….

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