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Question: Are you a Director/Manager or an Executive/Decision Maker? If so, you probably have questions related to performance improvement in your company or team.

  • Is there an innovative and cost effective path to help my organization translate its business strategy into measurable results?
  • How can we optimize the talent we already have in our company?
  • Have other companies seen success using the Exemplary Performance process?

Answer: Register for the preconference ATD workshop entitled: Workshop 3 – Talent Optimization: Enabling Performance for Incumbents in Role (Sat. May 16 | 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM | W102B).

Dialogue: The secrets to talent optimization can be found by looking inside your own organization. The examination of internal star performers is often an overlooked or vastly underused approach to improve the overall results of a team. A speaker from Microsoft will share case studies that demonstrate the measurable and tangible results our unique approach has yielded. This preconference workshop will be broken into four segments.

  • Part 1 will focus on driving business results through internal benchmarking, which provides the rationale, value proposition, and case studies for deriving greater results through talent optimization.
  • Part 2 takes you through the process of identifying star performers and generating a Profile for Exemplary Performance (PEP) for critical roles.
  • Part 3 will address leading for exceptional results. This segment links together a systems-thinking approach with the fundamentals of execution. It also ties in the power of expectations and feedback and addresses process and continuous improvement, recognition and reward systems, and coaching.
  • Part 4 will look at talent optimization, replicating your star performers, and leveraging the PEP to hire more effectively and assign accountabilities more appropriately.

CLICK HERE to register for this ATD preconference workshop. After registering, you will be prompted to ‘add-on’ other offerings. Add on the following:
Workshop 3 – Talent Optimization: Enabling Performance for Incumbents in Role
Sat. – May 16 | 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM | W102B

If you are not able to make the ATD Conference, email Paul about an on-site offering of this same workshop for your organization or team at:

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