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I’m delighted to share with you the December 2010 article in T+D Magazine honoring Dana and Jim Robinson and their contribution to the field. This article marks Dana’s retirement this month. Here’s an excerpt from the article written by ASTD president Tony Bingham:

“For more than four decades, Dana and Jim Robinson of Partners in Change have shared their expertise in performance consulting with thousands of learning professionals and organizations around the world…” Click here to read more….

The article features multiple perspectives on the Robinsons’ lasting impact on organizations from luminaries such as Allison Rossett, Peter Block and Warner Burke.

Rest assured, the Robinson workshops and services will continue to be available through Exemplary Performance. We’re proud to continue their work!  While we’re building upon the Robinsons’ legacy, Dana and Jim are beginning a new chapter.

What does the future hold for them? Dana and Jim will continue their passion of traveling the world.  Some of their travels will be with their grandchildren, giving them an opportunity to build bonds while increasing awareness of the world’s beauty and diversity. This interest is the focus of the Robinson’s next book, tentatively titled Grandtripping: Building Lifelong Bonds While Traveling with Your Grandchildren.  Dana and Jim have a website and blog in the works and also plan continuous learning and volunteer work as part of their “retirement.”

To get you started, here’s the perspective of a workshop attendee from 10 years ago:

“Attending the workshop  changed the way that I work, the work that I do, and the opportunities I’ve had in my career as a result.”    Julie P

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