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You’ll want to check out EP’s Strategic Partnering and Performance Consulting Workshop based on the research, models and practices of the Robinsons.

If you don’t, you’ll be one of the few that hasn’t gotten the message that everyone wants to be better aligned with their internal clients.  We have been inundated with requests for these services.  We are working with: Health Care Companies, High Tech Corporations, Petroleum Companies, Financial Institutions, and so forth.

Do you aspire to have your team operate in a more strategic and business-like manner? Apparently the word is out that this is the cutting edge approach.  Our focus in the workshop is on building a shared mental model and then equipping the team to apply that model and have productive conversations with business leaders, both when initiating the discussion and being on the receiving end of a request. Participants in these workshops learn the proven method to align performance with business results and influence internal clients to take the actions that will benefit the business.

We only have a few weeks open this fall to work with you as you partner with your clients.  Workshops are currently being scheduled for 2015.  Let’s connect!  Email for more details.


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