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For over a decade, Exemplary Performance has worked with United States Coast Guard to achieve greater organizational results by enabling exemplary individual, team and Coast Guard-wide performance. We have done this by applying the same consulting processes and training workshops as we do for our commercial clients. We work with agencies to identify stars – those outstanding individuals and teams who consistently produce exceptional results – and create a transferable model of expertise. We use this model to shift the performance of an agency’s ‘good’ performers to more closely replicate the results of their ‘great’ performers. Tom Peters stated it best:

“High potentials” will take care of themselves. The great productivity “secret” is improving the performance of the 60% in the middle of the distribution. Posted 10/09/13.

Shifting the Performance Curve

Simply put, shifting the performance curve is all about driving results, enhancing operational readiness, and improving response to agency mandates. Our model and methodology allows organizations, their leaders, teams and individual contributors to capture more value with existing resources. In a ‘do more with less’ economy, this is the right strategy for these times.