What Is the Impact of a Strategic Partnering Workshop?

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written by Nancy Q. Smith – Director, Strategic Partnering

As you may know, Jim and Dana Robinson set themselves apart with their research and models, as well as practical techniques to help HR, Learning and OD functions and people work closely with their business partners to drive results. As leader of EP’s Strategic Partnering service line based on the Robinson intellectual property, and facilitator of the content, I am privileged to work with many different organizations. As we are results-based, it’s important to us that our clients derive true, lasting benefits our work together.  Here is a sampling of client reflections:

“We started our journey last year, and the weeklong strategic partnering workshop was the springboard for our internal staff development plan, as well as using the information we learned to further refine and define our HR Business Partner role.”
VP of HR, Healthcare – 1 month post engagement

“I am amazed to say how the HR Strategic Training worked well for our regional HR community and also for myself….If you are open to use the approach you are able to grow a lot as an HR professional….We have noticed a change in the behavior of our leadership. What does that mean?….They’ve shared their business challenge and instead of asking for solutions, they have asked us for our recommendation. This is not just a result of the HR strategic training but is a result of our HR strategy that we have been pursuing for four years right now. But I really think that the HR strategic training is a really important piece of that strategy. Our goal is to have the business agenda as the HR agenda. In order to do that, the HR Strategic Training gave us a lot of instruments, skills and abilities as to how to be that close.” Talent Director, Latin America and Caribbean, Metals  –  3 months post engagement

“Things are pretty busy and we are now working more closely with the business. Face time with the business has grown significantly and continuously we are bringing in new projects.  Very exciting”
Talent Manager, Asia Pacific Region, Sportswear – 11 months post engagement

How has your team, organization or the way that you work been influenced by the Robinson’s research and techniques?  We’d love to hear from you!



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