Exemplary Performance: Driving Business Results by Benchmarking Your Star Performers. 2nd Edition

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What would it look like if you, as leader and architect of your organization, designed a barrier-free, high-performing work environment and your team’s performance curve shifted optimally to the right? What would be the impact if you closed the gap between average performers and star performers by 10, 20, or 30%? Exemplary Performance provides a model for shifting the performance curve of your own department, team, or organization. Written by our founder, Paul H. Elliott, Ph.D., this book encapsulates our approach to dramatically impacting our clients’ bottom line through application of this tested approach. The case studies provide rich examples from diverse industries.

Exemplary Performance provides a model for driving improved business results by replicating the accomplishments of your star performers. The advantage of this approach is that it is derived from the current performance of those stars, so you know that it is possible within your current structure and culture. It also has the advantage of being cost-effective and efficient.

Simply put, shifting the performance curve is all about driving results, enhancing revenue, and improving margins. Our model and methodology allow organizations, their leaders, and associated work teams to capture more value with existing resources. This is the right strategy for these times, clearly differentiating you from your competition. Exemplary performance is not reserved for just a few individuals—it is an achievable goal for the great majority of executives, managers, teams, and individual contributors.

Our team consists of skilled specialists steeped in this model who have applied it across multiple verticals around the globe. We are devoted to creating unique and innovative solutions that have a measurable impact on your organization’s performance. This creates a basis for lasting relationships with our clients built on trust and mutual understanding.

Endorsement from ISPI Board of Directors

As we approach the 60th Anniversary of the International Society for Performance Improvement, we are ever more cognizant of our history and those individuals who shaped the way we approach our profession. We truly stand on the shoulders of giants!

One of those giants was Tom Gilbert, who argued for us to shift our focus from what people do (behavior) to what people produce (accomplishments) in the work environment. His thought leadership is the basis for ISPI’s First Standard: Focus on Results or Outcomes.

Another of those giants was Joe Harless, Tom’s student at the University of Alabama. In his classic work, An Ounce of Analysis, Joe introduced the idea of ‘front end analysis.’ Harless determined that the most effective and efficient way to capture expertise is to work with your existing accomplished performers – the internal benchmarks. Harless’ FEA process is an established approach for illuminating exemplars’ hidden expertise. Joe’s thought leadership is the foundation for ISPI’s Fifth Standard: Determine Need or Opportunity.

Joe then mentored Paul Elliott, Ph.D., and Al Folsom, Ph.D., who authored Exemplary Performance in 2013. This book captures the essence of Tom and Joe’s accomplishment-based approach and applies it across the entire spectrum of performance improvement interventions. Exemplary Performance was recognized by ISPI with an Award of Excellence for Outstanding Human Performance Communication in 2014.

We, the Board of Directors of ISPI 2021, are pleased to announce and endorse the 2nd Edition of Exemplary Performance as a part of our 60th Anniversary Celebration. It truly is built on the shoulders of ISPI giants and extends the legacy of Tom Gilbert and Joe Harless.

A Career-Changing Endorsement: From Client to Consultant

“I encountered Paul Elliott and his proprietary approach to business transformation eleven years ago when he responded to an RFP that had been issued by the company where I worked. Without his focus on role excellence, I would not have realized the tangible value of this approach in my own organization, including:

  • The $750,000 annual cost savings associated with the transition from in-person to more virtual training,
  •  The more streamlined onboarding curriculum for new hires,
  •  The increase in sales,
     the framework for accelerating new product launches,
  • And the reduction in the amount of time it took for new hire sales representatives to come fully up to speed.

I was so impacted by the results I experienced that I have switched careers to become a performance consultant using the very same model and methods. I have co-created similar success with clients across the retail, financial, pharmaceutical, media and broadcast, regional sports network, automotive, and high-technology sectors.

Most leaders with whom I work share the same pressures under which I found myself a decade ago, namely the challenge to:

  • Build new hire training that outlasts the latest technology trends and client product launches,
  • Make learning and development a continuous, on-the-job process,
    Ensure managers are equipped to coach to the same standard of excellence for a given role,
  • And narrow the performance variance that inevitably plagues customer-facing roles, all without the luxury of hiring additional headcount to drive performance.

Today’s leaders are experiencing the additional challenges of the “Great Resignation,” defined as the unprecedented trend of employees exiting their jobs in pursuit of improved work-life balance and work they deem more meaningful to them. Having counseled clients through their “Work from Anywhere” and “Return to Office” transitions, one thing is clear to me: while where we work may be negotiable, performing our work to an exceptional degree is not if we desire to sustain and grow our business.”

Exemplary Performance helps executives and managers decode and distill the mindset, key actions, and contributions of their top performers in a given role. You’ll discover how to use these findings to attract, hire, and onboard talent better suited to the company’s expectations, and how to onboard, train, and coach employees to consistently win in their respective roles. When employees win in their roles, the organization exceeds expectations.

The approach delineated in Exemplary Performance is steeped in the science of human performance and has proven results that are both reproducible across industries and consistent in terms of magnitude of impact. Use the book as a blueprint, combine it with your own desire to understand your best employees, mix in your passion for optimal performance, and you will be on your way to exemplary performance within your organization.

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